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Telediscount: Easy to use!
You do not need to subscribe to our service as you simply have to dial one of our access numbers to connect to our system before making an international call. All you pay for is the cost of calling our access numbers, as we run this service using the revenue the numbers generate. Your normal telephone provider will charge you for calling our access numbers which will appear on your normal phone bill. You will not receive any bill from us.

So for example, if you make a 5 minute call to South Africa from a BT phone via access number 0871 999 70 70 which is charged at 10 p/min; Next time you get your BT bill you will see a call to our 0871 999 70 70 number, a duration of 5 minutes and a total charge of 5 min 10 p = 50 p. Furthermore, before each call, the operator will confirm the current call charge per minute so you will know exactly what the call is going to cost, no unpleasant surprises!

The price stated behind every access number is all-inclusive (including VAT). There are no further subscription or connection costs for the international call.

Please be aware that calls from mobile phones may be surcharged, click for more info.

If you still have any doubts how the service works or any questions, please click here to go to the Frequently Asked Questions.

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dear sir, i am using your service for all my calls. they are great for all countries, i dial. You are the cheapest!

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